Brian Boru Suite

Brian Ború Suite, Maurice Lennon & Friends in Concert




Lennons, Leitrim, Traditional Music, they just fit naturally together.

The Lennon family is rightly famous in Irish music with brothers Ben and Charlie held in high regard wherever the music is played. Maurice is no slouch either, a founding member of Stockton’s Wing he has carved out his own mark on our music over the years. Like his unlce Charlie he is an accomplished composer as well as being one of the leading players of his generation.

In 2001 Maurice Lennon released an album he had been working on for twenty years, Brian Ború High King of Tara. “This is a musical biography of Brian Ború, certainly the greatest of the High Kings of Ireland.

Whatever about his methods, he certainly made the office something to be reckoned with. No Ard Rí before or since, made such an impact. We remember the battle of Clontarf in 1014 the way the Scots remember 1314, and the English remember 1066” Wrote Mick Furey in the Living Tradition Magazine.

When reviewing the album Mick Furey said “There are more instruments on this than you’d find at a fleadh, played by the cream of the crop of musicians. There’s not one I wouldn’t trust with my favourite tune. This has the feel of a concert version of a much more complex production…”

Well Cashel is proud to bring that dream to fruition on April 26th when Maurice will be joined by a cast of a dozen or more top-flight traditional players for the musical biography of Brian Ború when they perform Brian Ború The High King of Tara at Bru Ború in Cashel.

Murice has been ill and absent for far too long from the Irish music scene. He was resident for a long time in the USA where he sought treatment for a rare form of skin cancer. His music has kept his spirit high and his friends on both sides of the Atlantic have championed both his music and the talent that is brought to life in Brian Ború The High King of Tara.

We are delighted to have secured the opportunity to present this show in Cashel for the National Brian Ború Millennium Commemoration.

Includes dinner (6pm) at the Cashel Palace Hotel before the Brian Ború The High King of Tara show at Brú Ború

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