What is the influence of the term ‘Architecture’ on you?


Wow! What a piece of architectural beauty! Is this the remarks you most often get for your newly constructed home? If not, have you ever heard any such comments for any other person’s house or did you give such compliments someday?


But are you aware, when you request the professional architects about architecture they would give an unambiguous definition. For the professional architects, architecture is art and even with the best brain power possible it can’t be expressed with words because it is unlimited for them. The building designs with collective human heritage are ever associated with architecture that varies with the upgrading social impacts.

The Detail Nature And Aspects Of Architecture

  • Architecture constitutes planning, designing and constructing.
  • It has both practical as well as an emotional side; it doesn’t depend on whether it is a simple shelter or a cathedral monument as long as it can cater for increasingly bigger size of the population.
  • The architectural designs and detailing are drawn on a larger scale, the reason behind this is to show the various methods of construction and ornamentation of the building accurately.
  • Sectional details, millwork details, special details and utility details are the common type of details used in the field.
  • Architecture is even considered as the science of planning and designing.
  • The styles of the constructed buildings or monuments are a mere reflection of the history.
  • The ways of construction of the buildings even reflect the traditional implements.
  • The initiation of architecture is from the mind of the architect which is hence translated to the physical structure in future.
  • The trend and design of the construction depend on the current era because it gets improved with the changing era.
  • The materials used for the construction even varies.
  • This can be simply understood with this example. The historical architects in Greece were constructed from limestone. Marbles were not preferred then because those were heavy for transporting.
  • This factor defines that the materials were preferred according to the plenty supply of materials at the time.
  • The sectional detail presents the various parts of the construction.
  • This shows the insulation in walls, ceilings, and floors including the bottom paltes of the wall, rafters, ceiling joists, etc.
  • The detail section holding facts completely depends on as required.
  • The millwork details show the angles of cuts and joints of the trims like corner base.
  • This also includes the railings and special columns.
  • The special details include kitchen and bathroom cabinet drawings etc.
  • The utility detail holds fireplace details, stairs, entertainment space etc.

Viewing the facts as mentioned above, you would have certainly got a wide view as well as an idea about architecture.




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